Monday, January 26, 2009

Geoff and Kirsten

So Geoff and Kristen got married at the Crocker house in Mount Clemens, Michigan on 13 September 2009. Following was the most creative reception, held across the street at the Mount Clemens Art Museum. The Lighting and art on the walls and Kirsten's decorations were amazing.

The Crocker house is on the Map!

Anthony Retka (guitar)

Her parents.

The End................................ Till Happily Ever After

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Harden Wedding

September 5, 2008...East Jordan, Michigan. Jan and Patrick got married at their house, and had a campout reception afterwards. Fun was had by all. Novella is Jan's daughter who I have been friends with since I can remember. Fun Fact: Man-hole covers are made in East Jordan. The banner that is above this spells out "Congratulation" I forgot the "s", didn't seem right to just have someone that was not there make it, so Ijust left it without the "s". By the way both the bride and groom use sign language as their 1st language.