Monday, January 23, 2012

mr. webber COMES HOME

By far one of the most emotional experiences. This is Sam Webber's husband and crew coming home from Afghanistan after one whole year. All the wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, friends, and children were awaiting their arrival at the airport.  Sam asked me to document it and I was honored. Thank you.
Julia Webber

both girls waiting for their dad's.

the plane

Mr. Webber is attacked with love

they had to take a bus from the airport somewhere to be picked up.

us at SCHOOL

Hayley and I went to an abandonned school in Detroit that Rob and his brother Jesse record at. It was an elementary school. We thought it would be fun to shoot at.

kid-sized lockers
security mirrors
a poster found in hallyway of the ELEMENTARY school.
meet me on the stairwell.

This was already written on the board? not sure.


Ryan's future playdate. Although Hayley and I have playdates already.
This is my good friend Hayley Jean. She is due 7 days after me. SO techincally she is 31 weeks.
She and Rob are having a boy and his name will be Calvin. It has been very nice to be pregnant with such a close friend.  

week 32

Monday, January 16, 2012

THE orr AND watson FAMILY

 This is the Orr and Watson family.  Erin Orr the mother of the first two children Jayden and Chloe is a family friend. Her sister in law Rachel and her family met at a park nearby for a Orr family photo shoot for Rachel and Jimmy's dad.

Jayden and Chloe

Chloe, Colin and Abby

Abby and Colin
Chloe, Abby, Jayden, and Colin

THE pitters

 This is Matt, Lindsay and their son Will.  I went to school with both. But Matt and I also went to the Art institute of PIttburgh, where he drove me home from every holiday. Lindsay and I have been friends since she came to our high school in 9th grade and now she has a beautiful family. This photo shoot was done in downtown Mount Clemens.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

joan AND genesis

This Joan (JO-ANNE) Nehme and her daughter Genesis. I work with Joan and at work we call her Jo-Jo, she also has a twin brother Joel (JOE-EL). She and her brother are from Monrovia, Liberia. And let me tell you, she had not had it easy but she manages to keep a postive attitude and is grateful for everything she has. Joan absolutely adores her daughter as Genesis adores her.


One thing I love to do is refinish furniture. I sometimes find pieces in the trash, take hand me downs or are given pieces.  Alot of times items of real value are tossed and I am just glad I am there to rescue some of them.

My friend Christina Escalante gave me this piece. It was a yellow-brownish color. The knobs were brass. My dad and I painted the under coat yellow and top coat gray, then used steel wool to give it the DISTRESSED look. The knobs were replaced by knobs found at Anthropolgy. This is my nightstand
This is Jim's nightstand, it was brown. My dad painted it solid gray and I replaced the knob with one from Anthropolgy.
I love the knob.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

31 Weeks

Jim took these, because I was getting frustrated. And YES, this is pretty much what I wear EVERYDAY.

There I am with about 8 weeks left to go. Getting big!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ryan's ROOM

This cabinet has been in the family for generations, my father painted it green upon my request. It will serve as Ryan's dresser. The rocking chair belong to Jim's mother, the butterfly pillow was made by me in high school in Ms. Henderson's class, it is a Batik.

There are many baskets in the cabinet to keep her things organized. My sister got me that card right before I found out I was pregnant and thought the world was ending. The pink item is a vintage hat and sweater worn and given to me by a dear friend, SJD.